Oh the Places You'll Go

With Good Speech and Language Skills

Newsletter 2016 Quarter 4

Welcome to Mrs. Hodge's speech connection.

Language Strategies

Happy Talking!

Helpful conversations to have with your children to improve their language skills:

  • Ask your child how their day was everyday, including what they did at school that day.

  • Talk about your child’s dreams and goals, whether short-term or long-term.

  • Ask your child about their favorite book and ask them wh- questions about the book.

  • Talk about their favorite thing about school.
  • Name and describe things in your child's environment.
  • Model appropriate grammar when talking to your child and correct their inappropriate grammar.
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App of the Quarter

Chatterpix is an app that creates a picture that speaks a short recording.

**Available at the Apple App Store or on an Android Device.

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Ways to use Chatterpix to practice speech

The videos below show how the students in speech were using Chatterpix to practice their speech sounds. The first video shows a student recording her words and the second video shows the animal chosen speaking her recording. This app has been great for motivating students to practice their speech sounds.
Chatter pix 2

Articulation Strategies

Many students at the elementary level have articulation (the way you say sounds) errors that impacts how well you understand their speech. These students are often receiving speech therapy at school to improve their articulation. Below are some speech cues teachers and parents can use to assist their students.
Speech Cues

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