12 Days of Ruby Red RAZZLE DAZZLE!


Day 7 Is Sponsored by Star Stylists Christina Kamberis & Emily Kuhlman!

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Help The Men!

Can't live with them....
unless they love gifting Stella & Dot!

Today's challenge is FUN & EASY! And one that will make your friends smile on Christmas morning.

Most Men Are CLUELESS....when it comes to shopping. My husband always has the best intentions, but without a little guidance, he's in the dark. In fact, the other day I realized I had an online shopping cart open on one of my favorite websites, he saw it and bought everything in the bag! Shhhh...he doesn't know I know and of course I will act surprised on Christmas.

So...let's help out some of the men we know!

Day 4 Challenge:
Reach out to the men in your life and offer to help them shop for the women & girls in their lives.

How will you do this?

Facebook, Email , In person & on the phone!
*Make a list of all the men in your 'sphere of influence' Friends, family, husbands of friends.... etc, etc, etc
*Put together a message and get it out to them. If you can message some men together as a group it may create a 'mob mentality' if one says yes, the rest will say yes.
*Message a group of women and ask them for their Husbands/boyfriends email addresses and let them know what your plan is.
*Ask your husband/boyfriend if he could message all his friends and offer to have you help them shop for the women in their lives

Here's How To WIN!!


How to 'log' your entries?
Hop onto the team page HERE and under the Day 7 post a comment with the number of men you have messaged as well as how you messaged them. And share your success stories!!

Meet The STARS!

Christina Kamberis - Star Stylist

My Story
I met Tara when our kids went to summer school together in 2012. I had heard about Stella & Dot however, had not ever been invited to a party. Finally Tara invited me to her house for a Sample Sale..and I was in love...needed everything! Booked a show that night..and then went on to have a second show the following year. Tara talked to me about the opportunity along the way...and when the time was right.. I went for it! I knew if nothing else came of this..I had a trip planned to visit family in Chicago and I could have a party or two there that would earn me back the investment I made to sign up. I did that and then some. I slowly started to book more shows each month and my sales continued to increase at each show. I quickly realized being a Stella & Dot stylist was a pretty good deal. Stella & Dot has provided me with a steady income for my family ...all on my time schedule. I had a successful career selling Life Insurance for 9 years before becoming a SAHM after having my second daughter. Life is all about sacrifices..and adjusting. Stella & Dot has given me so much more than I EVER anticipated. I see glimpses of my pre-kids self..except now I am, of course, the better version (with better accessories)!

Top Tip


Feel like those two go hand in hand. All of the direction from HO office...turns out, the stuff actually works! You have to be consistent with it though...don't just do it once and expect to be on top of the leader board. Continue with the behaviors..week after week...month after month. Consistency is key. Even when you think it just isn't working...stay the course! Nothing happens right away...it takes work...and work takes time. During that time you are working...enjoy it! Enjoy every moment along the way. Even if it is a tiny success...it is a success and you should celebrate it!! TRUST ME...asking women to buy jewelry is so much easier than asking them to buy life insurance. Have fun with it!!

I'm Gifting....

Who doesn't love Tory Burch?? This is the perfect little silver makeup bag for the season.Sleek & Chic..just like you!

Emily Kuhlman - Star Stylist

My Story:

Why I love Stella and Dot. Let’s go back to earlier this year. I promoted from Stylist to Lead Stylist to Senior Stylist in one month. I set my sights on June for a Star promotion, since Hoopla was in July. Long story short, it wasn’t in the cards for me to make Star in June, so I went to Hoopla as a Senior Stylist and I watched others get recognition for earning the goal I had set for myself. You’d think there would be a twinge of jealousy but actually what I felt was a sense of pride for the Ruby Reds. I was so motivated by the fact that this company takes time to celebrate us that when the final program was over I went back to my hotel room and wrote down on the hotel stationary all the reasons I wanted to make Star. My reasons ranged from Hoopla recognition, to showing my husband I could be successful at this “hobby”, to getting to change my email signature to say Star Stylist. I confided to Brigid on the plane home and she comforted me, saying it seems so far away until it happens and then you realize your potential is limitless.

Cut to November 2014. To say I had a bad month is a grave understatement, but here are the facts: November 3rd I found out that my friend was going into hospice care after a three year battle with cancer. I had an obligation to go to a trunk show that night; reluctantly I went. It was my first trunk show in my 13 month Stella career that was over $1000 in one night. It broke a personal record and reminded me why I even do this in the first place. Two weeks later, my friend died. Even though I had been expecting it, it was a huge blow to the fragile ecosystem that is my life. During this time, my sponsor Tara served not only as a career coach, but as a life coach, therapist and friend. She walked the line between encouraging me to meet a goal that I’d wanted for months and understanding that I couldn’t handle much. She made it okay for me to back out, but also made it clear that she believed in me and supported me either way. November 29th rolled around and I had everything I needed to promote except I was about $1000 away. I felt an intense wave of 'now or never'. I started texting and emailing. By Sunday afternoon I had my orders and then some. It wasn’t just a promotion; it was a triumph over a lot of hopeless feelings about life in general. When I look back on one of the worst months of my life, the only bright spots, other than my husband and children, involved Stella and Dot.

Top Tip:

My top tip, based on my first $1K+ trunk show is to LISTEN MORE THAN YOU TALK. It’s easy to get caught up in all the deals and steals and words to say and personal why’s and favorites of the day, but what I learned the month I promoted to Star is that just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a compassionate listener is worth a thousand salespeople.

I'm Gifting...

My gift for this challenge is something that I consider a great love of my life...Wine.

I will be gifting a vintage Kenwood Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon. It's a special occasion wine, sure to impress...save it for your next promotion and think of me cheering you on!

“With a new label every year and a wine that blends the best of the best Cabernet Sauvignon grapes the Sonoma County has to offer, the release of every new vintage is eagerly anticipated by wine and art lovers alike - with the wine in the bottle as unique and spectacular as the label it bears."

“Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for the 2010 Kenwood Vineyards Artist Series were picked from our finest vineyards located in Sonoma County’s premier Cabernet appellations. The majority of the blend was produced from our Sonoma Valley Estate, with additional Cabernet coming from the Northern Alexander Valley; to this a small amount of Merlot was added from the Dry Creek Valley. The result is an excellent, full-bodied wine with complex flavors and an elegant finish."

And You've GOT To Check Out Emily's Blog

I just had to share Emily's blog with you....it's fabulous, hilarious & totally relate-able! Check out Mrs. Kansas Mommy Blog Here...


Helpful Verbiage for YOU!

Short & Sweet:
"Hi - I'm a stylist with Stella & Dot. Your wife was obsessed with this necklace at the trunk show she attended. Here is the link. Let me know if you'd like to get it for her for Christmas. I'd be happy to help you order it for her. I know she will LOVE it!"

Or a little bit more....

#1 A little over 2 weeks left until Christmas. Let me take the guess work out of shopping for you & make it easier than it's ever been. I am scheduling 'in-person' (i'l' come to you) as well as virtual shopping appointments to help you shop for the women in your life. Luxury gifts starting at just $14.50. Who do you still need to shop for? Mom, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister, friend, teacher, co-workers, daughter, niece, Aunt..... We have something for everyone & it comes gift ready- simply add a bow & you're ready to go. Message me to set up a time to shop and check out all that Stella & Dot has to offer on my website: (input PWS address)

#2 Gentlemen, I can assure you with 100% certainty that she does NOT want a vacuum (or anything with a cord for that matter) this Christmas/Hanukkah. Let me save you hours of frustration and a trip to the crowded mall to find the perfect gifts for the women & girls in your life. Stella & Dot has a huge selection of On-trend jewelry & accessories starting at just $14.50 for all age groups. Everything comes in gorgeous gift-ready boxes. You will certainly be on the good list this year when your loved ones open their stella & Dot boxes. Contact me today!

#3 Are you a last minute shopper? Do you tend to leave shopping for the very last minute because you are at a loss as to what the women/girl's in your life would like this year? Well, this year I am here to help you take the guess work out of your gift giving. Let's put the twinkle back in her eye with a sparkly something from Stella & Dot. Skip the mall madness and opt instead for Gift-ready gorgeous boxes, prices starting at just $14.50 and the help of your own personal stylist (ME!) all from the comfort of your own home.