Genetically Modified Animals

By: Emily Martinez


Since very long ago, genetic modification (Selective Breeding) has been occurring in crops, animals, and plants. One of the first people to practice genetic modification was Gregor Mendel. He used selected plans to make desired traits in the offspring of the plants. Also some scientists thought that genetically modified engineering is beneficial to humans and most scientists still do. genetically modified animals have been existing for a very long time because there were some type of dogs who were bred to make the offspring have desired traits.


Some technology that is used in creating a genetically modified/transgenic animal, is a laboratory. Some techniques that are used and transgenics and cloning. Creating a genetically modified animal is very tricky and hard, but it can be done. There are some benefits to genetically modified animals. Some are that the animal can have quality and disease resistance. They can also be used for xenotransplantation. That is when a scientist makes a body part that needs to be replaced on a human and makes it from a genetically modified/transgenic animal. There are also some risks of making genetically modified animals. The most common and biggest problem is that creating these animals or crops increases pesticide use. To be more specific about 383 million pounds of herbicide is used in the U.S.A.

Examples of Genetically Modified/Transgenic Plants, Animals, and Crops


Some people who might be concerned with genetically modified engineering are some farmers. Yes, some farmers benefit, but others sometimes make people sick with their genetically modified crops. That causes an issue with people and the environment. In case you didn't know already, genetically modified/ transgenic modified animals is when scientists use two completely different species and make a new one that can be beneficial for humans to use.So e people are concerned because genetically modified engineering can increase the use of pesticides.It is a concern because the pesticides used in genetically modified crops to repel insects, can affect humans who consume it and the environment.

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