Human Nature Club

By: Brishetaa Gajendra

Meeting is on Tuesday after school in room 232

Bring yourself and an open mind. Learn the wonders of humans as studies teach you how to become a better human and teach you why you might experience any problems socially as David Brooks explains!
1.) We will first listen to Mr. Brook'ss give his famous speech the Social Animal (link down below if you would like to watch it)

2.) We will have a sharing circle with open-minded and accepting people listen to everyone's stories and trace back to why you're having these social issues

3.) We will not only learn how to deal with you're social issues but also learn the science behind it maybe learn the new studies.

4.) Eating Food (snacks are provided)

Incase you were wondering...

The slogan for our club is 'Know yourself'. We decided to make this our slogan not only because its short and gets straight to the point but also because thats what this club is about at the end of the day. Its a club held at Rick Hansen Secondary School for teenagers to find out who they are through their social skills which is very handy in the future. Not everyone is born fully confident but this club allows you to find you're confidence but also learn why you were shy or why you behave a certain way or think a certain way. This club also has a logo a smiley face with a back drop of a clear sky and clouds. This just represents happiness as at the end of the day our club's main goal is to keep our club members happy.