Lifestyle Changes To Lose Weight

Generally it is very easy for the people to say, "I will exercise more and eat less". But being overweight is all about changing your routine, your mindset alongwith bad habits and attitude. The key to figuring out the required lifestyle changes to lose weight is to analyze your behaviors and decide which ones are causing you to add on your weight.

Psychiatrists believe that the neurons in our brains become habitual to firing in the same manner which is basically the reason why people develop a comfort with routine. Hence, it is necessary to change your mindset, which in turn changes your routine and habits so as to lose weight and take on a healthier lifestyle.

Behavioral researchers have identified following five stages in behavior change:-

1. PRE-CONTEMPLATION:- You have not even started to consider losing weight. You drink beer, watch TV, eat pizzas for dinner and do not even take the stairs when there is a lift or an escalator nearby.

2. CONTEMPLATION:- You feel overweight and really should lose some weight and get fit before it is too late. You feel constantly sluggish and your clothes are just not fitting properly. You are beginning to think about weight loss coaching. Maybe you could reduce the oily breakfasts, cut down on the beer and take a walk in the park during evening and morning.

3. PREPARATION:-You are getting ready for the action plan. You have visited your local gym to ask about rates. You &your friends have discussed to go on a walk instead of meeting at the pub on weekends, and you are digging out gym clothes and health and wellness coach.

4. ACTION:- Now you have started working out on your action plan. You are buying fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, yogurt, oats etc. during your weekly shop. You have been jogging in the park and have begun to take the stairs up to your office. Now your brain is beginning to shift its pattern of usage. However, you still have to consider your actions properly; it still feels like an effort.

5. MAINTENANCE &ROUTINE:-The changes that you have made in your routine are beginning to become mindset changes which means that alterations have taken place on the sub-conscious level and you find yourself longing for healthy food instead of unhealthy greasy food. Though it might take months, even years to reach this level yet, with every repetition of a healthier action, it gets easier each time.

So, if you're trying to lose weight, think first about your behavior. What are your current habits in the key areas of your life (sleeping, eating, exercise, work etc.)? What stage are you in for each of these behaviors? What can you plan to do in order to move yourself into next stage? Sometimes an entire break from routine might be the kick-start that you require to change your mindset, or slight changes in your daily life such as waking up half an hour earlier, parking your automobilea little further away or taking a different route home from work.

Just remember that losing weight is the outcome of losing many habits and behaviors, so start by sorting through them all to find what will work best for you.

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