Be Part of Our Team

Parents are the Secret Ingredient!

Volunteer for a Special Assignment

Listen to students read

Tutor or help with homework

Host a homework hangout group at home

Help with class parties and field trip

Reading circles at the start of the day..... before work!

Update the class Pinterest boards

Be the class web developer

Prepare learning center materials from home

Skype or Google Hangouts to read to the class or help with pre-scheduled assignments without being physically present in the classroom!

Watch this fun Video explaining ALL the benefits of volunteering in the classroom!

Volunteer in Your Child's Classroom

the rules

1. All volunteers including parents work under a supervising teacher or other staff person.

2. Each time you arrive on campus, you must stop by the office and sign the visitors log book and wear a Visitor’s sticker.

3. Younger children should not be brought to school during your volunteer time, including field trips.

4. Let your conversation demonstrate respect for others and yourself.

5. All that you learn from staff about your student or from interacting with your student is confidential.

6.Use adult/staff restrooms only. Do not accompany a student into the restroom.