The Face On The Milk Carton

By: Anna Marie Green

1) How did you experience the book?

I experienced the book by getting engaged by the first page. I felt many ways. At some point i was very sad. I was sad because she has lived with this stranger that took her when she was really small. I felt very amused at some points. At the point of when Reeve and Janie.

2) Describe the main characters.

Janie- Has red hair. Not an attention seeker. The one that was kidnapped.

Reeve- Janie's next door neighbor. Him and Janie are good friends before they become romantic with one another.

Mr. Johnson- The father of Janie. The father that kidnapped her.

Mrs. Johnson- The mother of Janie. The mother that kidnapped her.

3) Are the main characters dynamic?

Janie- Janie is maturing in the book because she is finding out many things. For example Janie is learning about her "real" parents.

Reeve- Reeve is maturing in the book because he is learning many things in life. He is learning about relationships. i approve of Reeve. He is a very sweet boy.

Mr.Johnson and Mrs.Johnson- I think that they are maturing because they are becoming better parents.

4) Discuss the plot

The story is so interesting. I got engaged by the first page i read. This book is a fast paced page turner. The plot turns very slowly. It took a while to unfold the conflict. I was very surprised by her talking to her parents about it. I wouldn't talk to my mom/ dad about being kidnapped.

5)Books Structure

This book is a continuous story. It keeps going. The conflict is one thing it never changes. The time order is present and keep going.

6) Is there themes or symbols?

The symbol is the milk carton. The milk carton represents her being kidnapped. If it wasnt for the milk carton she wouldnt know anything.

7) What passages strike you as insightful?

I think what striked me as odd is her mom kidnapping her. That is very odd situation.

8) Is the ending good/ satisfying?

The ending was amazing. It answered all my questions that i had. The book is a great book to read.

9) Ask Author a Question?

I would ask why did Janie and Reeve not date earlier?

10)Novel change you?

I have been exposed to an idea that parents are very sneeky. Parents can go behind your real parents back. That you may not know alot of secrets in your life.
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