Path to Citizenship’?

Aracely Soto, January 11, 2016


There are millions of undocumented people in the U.S. today some even scared out of there minds to be deported at any time and even more of them working hard to get there kids to the American Dream. There are many people for ligalizing some alians for the simple reason that not all of them are bad some could even invent new technology or other wonderful creations but we don't give them that chance. They need documents to succeed in America and we all deserve that chance. although some people think that in we give them documents we are rewarding them when they committed a crime by coming over illegally. There was a time when the border was not well patrolled and illegals took advantage of that so we got millions of them here. we had some cruel people wanting to punish undocumented buy deporting them to make America ''Wonderful'' again.
Mass deportation of Central American illegal immigrants in U.S. planned for 2016 - TomoNews