Time Travel? NO WAY!

By: Reagan, Mrityunjay, Angel, Faith

Top 10 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Go Back:

1. We would probably become peasants and the life of a peasant is really hard.

2. If we did become peasants, we would live in cottages that are not safe and thieves can come in very easily and they can steal our belongings, and if we bring back future things, they could find it and see how it works and it could be invented early and the whole future could change.

3. When we go there, we won't know where we land, and we could get killed because the people there might think were foreign.

4. People travelled on foot and it waas hard work. If we needed to abandon our 'homes' we would be able to take only a little amount of things. And we would get very tired and dehidrated because only some people had wagons.

5. There are many deadly diseases there, like the Black Death, or Pneumonia. Those are the 2 most feared diseases there. Some of the diseases like a cold, they had treatments for. They weren't very good but they helped and were VERY expensive. What if we caught the Black Death? We could transport back to our time for help, but what if were too weak and we die in the process???


Rest Of The Top 10

6. There's also a VERY obvious reason. If we were a knight and we went into war? You know what could happen. We could get killed.

7. The peasants have to pay VERY high taxes. The Lord usually gives you a week or so to get them in. After that time period, they can either enslave you or lock you in a dungeon.

8. Peasants wore little tunics that just covered their top half and bottom half. They were all torn and ripped. You can get pneumonia easily.

9. If you worked for the Lord and their lady, and you did a bad job, you could get executed or tortured. If they were humble, they would spare your life and lock you in a dungeon for a small amount of time then take you out. And hope your better.

10. It is an era of war, blood is spilled, lives are lost, cities fall, families are torn. Let the past be past. If the past changes, the future changes. You want to be in the era of peace.


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