Maycomb Mascot Murdered

Kate News 107

Rabid dog shot and killed by the county's former finest marksman, Atticus. The dog was seen running through the town very often but it wasn't until it started to go crazy that Sheriff Heck Tate and Atticus were called by Ms Maudie to an abandon street to kill this dog. A bystander explains how Sheriff Heck Tate had not been the one to shoot the dog but it was Atticus, he also tells how Atticus's children had no clue about his secret talent and that they were both in awe with this side of there father they have never seen before. another insider states that "Atticus had a clean shot and the rabid dog was kill in an instant."
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Boy looses pants

A young boy of maycomb, Jem, lost his pants as he was crawling underneath the Radley's bobwire fence. Friend of Jem states "he was scared and tried to book it out of there before he was caught and while doing so his trousers got caught." Another reporter claims Mr. Radley was spotted returning these boys pants sewed and washed.

Midnight fire in Maycomb

Last night fire trucks were called to the town of maycomb to Ms. Maudie's house as a fire had started and spread throughout it. People were gathered around the seen as the fire fighters had tried there best to put out the fire before it had burnt to the ground. One of Ms. Maudie's neighbours claims that they were just a few mins late as the house had ended up burning to the ground. Reporters talk to Ms. Maudie after the fire had been put out and she seemed to be rather happy as she now has the chance to build a new smaller house and have more space to plant a big garden.