Losing Lady


The Conflict

When it was nearly my eighth birthday, my family was in the process of moving from city-to-city. I had to leave behind a lot of friends, but I shortly found out that I would have to leave my best friend, Lady. Before the final move I received the terrible news that Lady, my fluffy ball of Great Pyrenees, could not move with us. That day was full of sadness and grief, but I can still think of her without any tears.

"... if you don't think giving up a dog is important then you must be a cat-lover."

Finding Closure

It was very difficult to get over the loss of Lady; as a matter of fact, I still haven't forgotten about her. Although that day has never left my mind, I have recovered from it. I forgave my parents for giving away Lady, and I never gave up on her. Because I was so concerned with her care, I stayed in touch with her adoption agency until she found a new family. Losing Lady has changed me because it taught me how to overcome a relationship that could mean the world to me.