Computer Systems

By Awan

Input and Output

In computers the meaning of input is giving something to the computer. Some input devices are mouse, keyboard and microphone.

Any information that has been processed and comes from a computer or computer device is considered output. An example of output is a printer,


Main storage is split into two ROM and RAM, ROM is memory that cannot be changed by a user or program. ROM keeps the memory when the computer is turned off aswell.

RAM is a type of memory that in which programs and applications are stored. Here are some examples of whats stored in RAM, The operating system, applications, GUI.


Software is a program that runs on your system. This includes computer operating systems and other computer programs.

Software is written in a computer language by computer programmers e.g. java, html, php etc. The computer language is in a text format and can be read by a person who had some basic programming knowledge.