Bio Technology

Animal Cloning

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What is cloning?

Cloning is generating a population of genetically identical molecules, cells, plants or animals.

What is Animal Cloning?

Animal cloning is a reproductive technology that allows livestock breeders to create identical twins of their best animals.
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When did the first animal cloning occur?

Everyone thinks Dolly the Sheep was the first cloned animal, but actually cloning started in the 1800's Dolly was just the first animal cloned from an adult somatic cell. The first cloned animal was a sea urchin in 1885.
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Where did the first animal cloning occur?

The first official cloning of an adult somatic cell was from Roslin Institute in Scotland where they cloned Dolly the Sheep where she lived for 6 years then passed away on February 22, 1997.

Why would we clone?

One reason why we would clone is that we could revive endangered or extinct species such as the woolly mammoth and saber tooth tiger.The second reason we could clone would be to have more livestock. If you clone the best animals on your farm you could have a hard working farm instead of some weak cows. Cloning will be very useful in the future.

History of Cloning

Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer invented the technique of DNA cloning, which allowed genes to be transplanted between different biological species. Their discovery signaled the birth of genetic engineering.
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Stanley Cohen

Stanley Cohen was born on June 30th, 1935. Ida and Bernard, which were his parents, were huge influences in his life. Cohen always had a interest in science as a child because of his father. In 1961 he married Joanna Lucy Wolter, whom he had met when he was in college and had two children named Anne and Geoff. He started studying at the University of Pennsylvania of medicine, then through the years he switched to an academic career. Stanley Cohen was most well known for innovation with Herbert Boyer of recombinant DNA technology which they published in 1973. He is still alive today at the age of 80.
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Herbert Boyer

Herbert Boyer was born July 10, 1936.Boyer was a linemen at his high school wanting to be a doctor. Boyer went to college but not for long Boyer realized that he didn't want to be a medical doctor. In 1958 he graduated with a degree in biology and chemistry.He is most well known for innovation with Stanley Cohen of recombinant DNA technology which they published in 1973. He is still alive today at age 79.