By Avelina D. Branch


They really dont eat beef.They like veggies.Theyre food is simmiler to ours they still have other fooods like roti,lentis,kheer,and cunnies


There is 1,220,800.395.But most of them live in the north.Its about as big as ours but mostly china has more


In india its veryvery hot and rainy that somtimes it makes food.Its hot to march to may and september mild winter and also Octerber Febuary

Life as a kid

Usully there is big familes that extend its really important for very poor indians.They faem work in shops or beg


Tigershunt alone.They eat on deer wildhogs .They also stay away from people. A cobra lay eggs .Somtimes the others give birth .When a cobra feel scared they lift up there head and extends the neck also the neck.Peackos live in lowland forest.Peackoks are. mostly known for there giant feathers.

Interesting fact

Ancient yoga was made in India.