Oak Crest School Counselor's Corner


December 2014

December Classroom Lessons
3rd grade and 4th grade-Kindness and read "Invisible Boy" by Trudy Ludwig (Check out my twitter @Lisa_Treml to see the author's response to 4th grade work!)
5th grade and 6th grade- Stress and Coping

Family Resources: Backpack Food Program

Since Thanksgiving of 2013, approximately 6400 pounds of food has been sent home on weekends with students in need. Oak Crest students were the first to receive food, Chatfield joined during spring break 2014 and Junior High joined in September. Currently, 100 students K-8 are receiving food. Families can opt in or out of the program as needed.

Food is donated through food drives, collaboration with food shelf, and purchased with donated dollars. Bags are packed by small group of high school students as well as a large number of OC students. Food bags are discreetly put into backpacks by staff members. OC staff members have donated a great deal of time to make this program successful. If you have a desire to help or donate, please let me know.

If your family has a financial need for this program, please contact me or your child's classroom teacher.

Lisa Treml, School Counselor

I strive to serve all students and families at Oak Crest. If you have any questions about how I might be able to help your child be the best they can be, just let me know.