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September 14-18 2015

Half Day PD

Thank you for your time and focus at our PD session on Friday. Dr. Kingsley has given us a great start on many wonderful apps to use and has given a strong foundation to add to our knowledge of Close Reading. Remember we have a required PD session later in the month on September 30th from 4:00-5:00PM. She will stick around for a few minutes afterwards to answer any questions you have.

Survey link ( same one sent in previous email)- only need to complete once


Sept 14- Christi out at Flessner Training

Sept 15- Admin Meeting 9:30-noon

*** 3:50 Gator Gallup Counting

*** 4:00 New Teacher TEDS training

Sept 16- Optional PD training: Laura Rinderknecht- ADHD in the Classroom

Sept. 17- Constitution Week

Sept 18- FOG Meeting

Looking ahead:

Sept 22- Chaucies Place

Sept 22 and 24th- Movie night ** THANK YOU TO EVERYONE SIGNING UP - THANK YOU TEAM!

Sept 23- Diversity Team Meeting

Sept 24- One Drive

OCTOBER 13th- 3:45-4:45 FLU SHOTS

Picture: Ms. Barmore's students' stuffed animals had a party in my office!

Optional PD this week- ADHD in the classroom- Laura Rinderknecht

ADHD in the Classroom----

What would it feel like if you had ADHD? What would you wish your teacher knew? How can you support the students in your class who may or may not be diagnosed but still struggle with hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness?

Location: RM 32- Susan Galliher's classroom

NWEA reports

Great job persevering through NWEA!

We would like for all reports to be sent home via email by September 25, 2015. Below are some links you are welcome to add. I have found with my children's schools, the teacher sends a cover email telling us it is coming with an explanation attached. Then we received in a separate email the progress report. Do what works for you in regards to the email, however it is building and district expectations these go home via email and that we do not print them. Thank you!

NWEA Resource

NWEA information K-4

I need time to work with my team...

PLANNING TIME- each team will be given a half day in the fall ( Sept, Oct) and a half day in the winter ( Jan, Feb) to work together for planning purposes. As a team, please select your half days ( 1st choice and 2nd) and submit them to Fatima ASAP. We will try to go first come on the dates, but let us double check so we don't overlap and have sub issues.


Please click on the following link and select your data for the evaluation system. If you have any questions, please email me.

HSE21 Teaching and Learning Team

Hope you are getting a chance to look at the great information shared from ADMIN on HSE21. It is a great 10 min investment each week to help us grow in the HSE21 Journey. See below on the Decisive Element Part 2!

The latest from the HSE21 team!

GES- Located on 104th Street in Fishers, IN

GES: Making GREAT CHOICES, showing EFFORT and demonstrating SAFETY!