Kindergarten News


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SNEAK PEEK things to do:

  1. Sign up for PTA (this is how we raise money for the children)
  2. Sign up and pre-pay for lunch ticket
  3. Find out your child's bus number or carpool number (if you are going to pick your child up)
  4. Then, go to your child's classroom to meet the teacher.
  5. Give the teacher the transportation information (bus number or carpool number)
  6. Find out when your child has PE (it may be on the first day of school) sport shoes recommended.
  7. You will be given a bandana with the teacher's and your child's name on it, plus your child's transportation information, showing how they will go home each day. (Children should wear this each morning to school)
  8. Pay for the Kindergarten T-Shirt (each teacher has a color and the students wear these T-shirts to different activities throughout the year)
  9. Volunteer (Science Force-ran by parents, PTA activities, VIP helper on Thursdays, Media Center helper, homeroom mom, etc...)
  10. Drop off any supplies or have your child bring them on the first day of school. (do not label any of the supplies)
  11. Sign Up for teacher-parent conference in October.


Tie the bandana on your child's neck with transportation information (this way the adults at our school can help them make their way to their teacher and make their way to their bus or to carpool after school. VERY IMPORTANT!

Provide a healthy snack, daily, for your child to eat.

Provide a lunch, unless you have signed up for their meals in the cafeteria. You will need to have prepaid in advance. (Or send in money/check in an envelope with your child's name and their teacher's name on it)

Provide a backpack. A daily folder from your child's classroom will go home and this folder will need to be returned, daily. This will begin on the first day, so look for it after school. Please remove all papers, sign, and return.

Provide suggested school supplies.

If your child has PE on the first day-please provide sport shoes.



Art Class

We go once a week.


We go once a week. We have a kindergarten musical at the end of the year.