You Are The Best Principals Ever!!!

Why you are the best principals in the world!!!

You Are Both...

Caring, Helpful and Fun.

You are really caring because you care about the student safety and learning but also the staffs safety.

You are very helpful because you help the students learning even when you are in a rush and you make sure that students are safe and doing the right thing in class.

You are super dooper fun because you are always in a good mood and you spread laughter and happyness aroud the whole school.

From Chloe Fangaloka.

What You Have Improved In The School

You have improved our furniture by repar and you have made alot of efort to build the 5/6 unit and our school would not be the same without you Mrs Mcquinn as our principal and you Miss Arnold as our vice principal. So I'm really greatful to be at this brilliant school.

Thank You

Thank You for being such great principals in our school we all couldn't have done it without you and happy principals day From Chloe Fangaloka.

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