Is Jackson a hero or a zero?

I think Zero.....

"Indian Removable act"

Andrew Jackson signed into to "Indian Removal Act" forcing the Cherokees to move away from their land because the Cherokees had gold and cotton. He totally ignored the Judicial Branch. He stated that is was a fair "exchange" of land for the Cherokees to move to Georgia.

Spoils System

Jackson was NOT a fair president, because he gave Government jobs to people he knew and some people that voted for him. He did this by bribing them jobs and parts in the government. He didn't care if they were qualified or not he just wanted the votes so he could win.

Andrew Jackson

National Bank

Jackson killed the national bank because he thought it was only helping the rich people he didn't think it was fair and he decided that he was going to just destroy it
Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency
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The Political Cartoon above ^

Andrew Jackson is not giving people a choice he is making his own decisions without the thought of any one else its explaining if you wont obey what he says he will get angry at you or as it shows above want to kill you.