Screaming out for Christmas!

Christmas story!

By: Mattea

Christmas is an awesome time of the year!All the hot chocolate and treats let me tell you,Christmas rocks!
I love the snow! Getting gear on to go play in that oh so wonderful snow. Have you ever built a snow fort because they are amazing in the finished look. My oh so very favorite is the original snowman and snowwoman. With the cuddly scarf around their necks, carrots that are long and skinny,pebbles for the eyes and mouth, and little sticks for the arms. Snow is so , so, fun!
Sledding makes chill-bumps come up my back. Starting at the tippy top of our hill and going all the way down onto the pond. The wind going ooooh ooooh in my face as I slide down. My mom always makes a compliment about my rosey red cheeks! Sledding is absolutely positively awesome.
I wake up to an amazing smell,it’s the smell of Christmas.The crisp,cold smell circles the air. A cherries on snow candle finishes it off! I love that smell!
Christmas is a time to cheer,play,laugh,and spend time with family. So, when Christmas comes you should try to spend time with family and praise the lord!

Twas The Night Before Christmas
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