Presidential debates....

Who wins...

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the democrat running in this race, he is our president currently and is looking to be in office for the next four years as well.

He has many desires to make this country a better place stimulus package, Obama health care and his way of bringing back America to the top!

His way of doing that is big business by getting big business' we can sell and trade with other countries.

Mitt Romney

Who's Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney is the Governor of Massachusetts trying to get into office. While he does have a ton of people on his side Barack is leading the way by .2% right now.

His big idea that have a lot of people talking and going his way are the small business'. Now there is a good idea in that but that does not bring money to the Us as a whole, it provides to reuse us money not to get more of it.

But guys do have their own packages and both are great but if it was me I would not vote I don't see one out-doing the other. It's like making the case kobe vs lebron, kobe vs jordan, jordan vs lebron, i'd be happy with either one.

By Alex Vuchkov