School Support Initiative (SSI)

Semester TWO - Session One - Triad B

Overarching Learning Goals

As co-learners who understand the importance of fostering a Growth Mindset we will:

-deepen our understanding of instruction that supports effective scaffolding of ‘talking to learn’ in the math classroom

-design and implement a variety of assessment for learning tools in order to monitor the impact of our collaborative work on student learning

Learning Goals for today (Session ONE)

I will purposely design a rich task (including learning goal, success criteria, talk moves and use of technology) that is responsive to my students' learning needs, as identified in the class profile and PIAT results.


Block 1 - Minds on Math

Block 2 - Professional Learning

Block 3 - Rich Task Development

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Jo Boaler, Prof. of Mathematics, Stanford University

How To Learn Math for Teachers and Parents: Number Talks
From Stanford Online's "How To Learn Math for Teachers and Parents": Number Talks
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Semester One - Cashing in Your Chips

1. Identify one success and one challenge with implementing talk moves last semester.

In round robin fashion, share your success.

2. Take one red and one white bingo chip.

3. One person at a time share your challenge, throwing in your white chip.

4. One person at a time share your success, throwing in your red chip.

Once everyone has thrown in both their chips, then have a table discussion about your plans for moving forward with talk moves this semester.

Considering your next rich task

In addition to the texts in our session, you may also find these sites helpful in thinking about your rich task:

Capacity Building Series - Asking Effective Questions monograph

Edugains Math - Continuum and Connections

Gap Closing activities

TIPS (Targeted Implementation and Planning Supports)

What makes a task rich?

Supports positive attitudes

Curricular focus

Opportunities for connections

Grounded in problem solving




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Please take a moment to complete the following exit ticket:

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