Voyager Missions

By: Jayme Kim

The Voyager Spacecraft

The Voyager is a spacecraft. The Voyager was launched by NASA on September 5th, 1977 at the Cape Caneveral Air Force Station in Florida. The Voyager broke the Golden record for the first spacecraft to go to the farthest journey in space.

About the Voyager

The Voyager weighs 1,590 lb. The Voyager's speed goes to 35,790 mph. Which means it can travel to Earth to the Sun 3 and a half time for 1 year! The Voyager will only operate for 35 years, 7 months, and 6 days.

Voyager's Missions

The Voyager had many missions, which was to flyby to Jupiter and Saturn, and to the interstellar space. The Voyager took many pictures and videos of the planets and the moons. The Voyager completed the mission to the flyby to Jupiter and Saturn. On 1979 and on 1980. It is still in progress for the interstellar space.

Building the Voyager

It took a long time to build the Voyager. The Voyager has a Radio Science System,an Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer, a Ultraviolet Spectrometer, a Trixial Fluxgate Magnetometer, a Low Energy Charged Particle Instrument, a Cosmic Ray System, a Planetary Radio Astronomy Investigation, a Photopolarimeter System, and finally a Plasma Wave System.

Voyager 2

NASA made another spacecraft called the Voyager 2 known as a sister of Voyager 1. They made Voyager 2 because as Voyager 1 went out of the solar system to go to the interstellar space but they lost it's signal. So that is why they decided to make Voyager 2.

Who built the Voyager?

The Voyager was created by NASA BUT, the inventor was Ed Stone. Ed Stone is a professor of physics and he is a space scientist. he was the one created of both Voyager 1 and 2. Ed Stone was very successful for building the 2 Voyagers and both Voyagers accomplished their missions of what scientists needed.

What did they find out about the planets?

Both Voyagers helped scientists research many things about the two planets which are Saturn and Jupiter. For Saturn they found 5 new moons and 1 new ring called the G-Ring. For Jupiter they found out about the 2 moons which is the Thebe and Metis.
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