Warren Summer School

Grades 4-8

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From the Principal

Warren 4th-8th Grade Summer School Students and Caregivers,

Welcome to Summer School!

Please accept this verification that your student has been accepted into the Warren Intermediate and Middle School Summer School Program for students currently enrolled in grades 4 through 8. Summer school is scheduled to be in session daily beginning Monday, June 7 and concludes on Friday, June 18. Summer school will occur at Raymond Park Intermediate and Middle School (8575 East Raymond Street). Student times will be 8:20am-11:30am.

Learning Overview.

Students will begin each day by participating in social-emotional learning opportunities within a small group while eating breakfast. Then, students will attend a math block and English/language arts block where learning will be based on grade level essential skills for each content area. Finally, students will have a daily opportunity to work through an enrichment project designed to be both challenging and fun.


Those that indicated the desire for bus transportation can expect to receive a contact with pickup/drop off times and location from the transportation department during the first week of June. A drop off/pickup plan is shared and provided below so that those not riding the bus can have confidence of when and where to report. Door #1 opens for personal transport drop-off at 8:00am. Pick-up at door #2 begins at 11:30am.

Materials and Breakfast/Lunch.

Students are asked to bring their fully charged, school-issued device to summer school daily. A notebook and pencil/pen will also be useful tools - writing materials will be available for students at school as well. Breakfast will be served to all students at 8:30am each day. Sack lunches will be available for all students that desire on their way to the bus or personal transport at 11:30am.


MSD Warren will continue to require masks for all students and staff each day during summer school. Masks are required to be worn on school buses to/from school as well as within all areas of summer school. Warren's attention to social distancing and hand washing and sanitizing will continue through summer school as well. Warren's SAFE Reopening Plan associated with Covid-19 is shared.

Dress Requirements.

Summer school students will adhere to adapted dress guidelines as follows:

- Tops should have sleeves that cover the shoulders and prevent the waist from being exposed.

- Bottoms should be no shorter than fingertip length when standing.

- All clothing should be free of objectionable designs/pictures/messages and holes that reveal underlying skin.

- Shoes should be fastened in the front and rear.

- Outerwear (including hooded sweatshirts, hats and sunglasses) should not be worn in school.

Administration will make the final decision regarding the appropriateness of dress.

Electronic Devices.

Cellular telephones as well as other personal electronic devices are tools for communication and safety for our kids. Those same devices can also cause a great deal of distraction and disruption within the learning environment. Therefore, electronic devices (including cellular phones) are not permitted to be accessed in classrooms or hallways unless adult permission is provided. Devices that are visually observed, audibly heard, or create a disruption in any way may be confiscated and held by administration until a caregiver comes to school to retrieve. Thank you for reinforcing the need for device responsibility with your child during summer school.

We are excited about the learning opportunities that will be provided this summer and are looking forward to welcoming your student(s) to summer school on June 7. In the meantime, we hope that your student(s) has a strong finish to the regular school year. Please reply to this email with specific questions or concerns.

Looking forward to a positive summer school experience!

John Kleine,


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Contact Us

John Kleine - Summer School Principal


Jina Simmons - Summer School Assistant Principal


Evan Grossman - Summer School Dean


Laura Butgereite - Summer School Counselor


Lisa Stewart - Summer School Nurse