CFIE Weekly Updates

May 14, 2016

We have logged another great week in the forest! Thank you for your outstanding support for our spring fling. A wonderful time was had by all who attended. We also registered 90 new kindergarten students for the 16/17 school year this week. Don't forget that Thursday night is Step-Up Night. This is an opportunity for families to visit the next grade level to learn about expectations, objectives, resources and much more. We will host sessions at 5 pm and 6 pm. A special Splash! Spanish language immersion informational session will also be held in the multi-purpose room for families interested in the kindergarten program in 16/17.

May 17: 2nd Grade Field Trip to Raleigh Museum of History & Science

May 17: International Dance Group and CFIE Chorus 6:30 pm

May 19: Step-Up Night 5-7pm

May 25-26 EOGs (ELA/Math)

May 27: Kindergarten Field Trip to Mike's Farm

May 31: Seniors from NSHS walking our halls 8:15am

May 31: 4th Grade Field Trip to CCCC

June 2-7: 5th Grade Science EOG

June 3: Outdoor Movie Night in the Forest

June 6: 3rd Grade Retest

June 6: Awards Day

June/July: South Africa Experience!