First Grade News

March 16th-20th

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

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If your child would like they can wear green on Tuesday, March 17th.

Reading Happenings

Comprehension Strategy: Making Predictions

Sight Words: much, before, line, right, too, means

Phonics Pattern: long e digraphs (cheek, weed, each, mean......)

Math Happenings

Unit 7: Fractions, Circle Graphs, and Clocks

Finding doubles of numbers 1-10 and doubles of shapes.

Finding one half and one fourth of a geometric figure and of a set.

Telling time to the hour and half hour.

Phonics…what used to be known as spelling!

Each week we will focus on a particular letter pattern. The purpose of these lessons is for your child to become familiar with how to decode and correctly spell the words that follow the letter pattern.

Each Friday students will have a spelling test. The spelling test is not a set of words, but rather words that use the letter pattern. Each week you will be able to find the letter pattern on our website by finding first grade.

Spring Is On Its Way!!

Please really pay attention to the weather in the morning as you send your child out the door. These spring months can be tricky for deciding how to dress your child for the day. We do go out for recess unless it is raining or below zero. The playground is very muddy and wet during this time of year. You will want to send boots with your child. Even though it feels warm to us, your child will still need a coat. It can be very windy our on the playground, which makes it a little chilly.

International Day

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A Peek Ahead......

* Next weeks sight words: means, old, any, same, tell

* Next weeks phonics pattern: Long i digraphs (pie, high, kind, fly.....)

* Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser ends on March 25th

* Spring break March 28th-April 3rd

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