Becoming a Teacher!

Here are all the details of what it means to be a teacher

What is involved in being a teacher?

When you are a teacher, you ...
  • Help students with their studies and lots more
  • Make assignments, write tests, and mark lots of things
  • Make sure that students are behaving and trying their best!

Teachers make between 35,000 and 95,000/year

Education and Training

Teachers need to go to university for four years to get a Bachelor's Degree, and then they have to go to Teacher's College for one more year to get the Teaching Degree. After, they can keep getting more certifications for different kinds of teaching.

Where and How teachers are employed

Teachers get hired by schools, either in a public board or a private one. The great part is that they get to work in lots of neat places, like computer labs, classrooms, field trips, and so on. The not so great part is that sometimes they have to deal with students who are badly behaved, and they have to work a lot on evenings and weekends.