Container Home


Size of shipping container.

Normally when being shipped in the freights the normal size of the containers is 40 feet.
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Weight of shipping container.

For a 40' Shipping container is 8,258 Lb.

Buisness within the area selling shipping containers.

Container Management group

Location: Many locations one being in Dallas city no specific address I can find only the street it resides on which is "N Griffin street,".

Container King

Location: Office is "9921 Woodgrove Drive Dallas, TX 76266"


Location: Dallas TX 75216

PreFabricated Container Homes.


Location: Room 1601-1605, Block B, International Building JiaTai, No.41 East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing China.

Container Modular House

Location: No. 12, Qianfeng Industry Zone, Qianfeng Rd., Panyu, Guangzhou, China


Location: No clear location they have many suppliers and places of shipment.

Electrical and Plumbing.

I have found that some of the prefabricated homes sometimes do come with plumbing and electrical systems but it depends on the model, the seller, and the cost of the home.

Foundation of Container Homes.

What I found was that the shipping containers themselves are structurally sound, but after tearing down of walls and making windows, etc there needs to be pillars or walls to keep the container together.

A few different types of the shipping container foundations were:


The best way to insulate a container home is to use spray foam in the interior of the container. This also rust proofs the interior walls and seals the whole home. I also found that you should put a thin layer on the outside to prevent bridging.

Cost of Container homes.

I have found that there are many different prices for container homes that have ranged from very cheap 50-140 to 8000. Prices vary but for a mid ranged priced container home to buy six of them would be about 12000 US. And a single home being about 2000-4000

Companies making Container Homes.

Container Homes in Texas

First one being made by: Jim Poteet

Location: San Antonio TX

Second being made by: Matt Mooney and Michael Gooden

Location: 422 Peavey Rd Dallas TX

Third being made by: Christopher Robertson and Numen Development

Location: Houston TX

Container Homes Around the world

First home location: Oakland CA

Second: Rosneath Peninsula Scotland

Third: Travels around the world

Fourth: Maduru Oya in Sri Lanka

Fifth: No location

Sixth: New Zealand