Module 1 Ends!

February 1, 2016

Module 1 - closes today! Grace Period ends 2/4/2016

Here is your list of tasks for today:

#1. Module 1 is the longest module we have in the entire course! It’s super important to stay on track and complete each module by the deadline. Zeroes are not added for missing work until the grace period has ended. All course due dates are in the colorful chart located on the course homepage. I’m sure these first few weeks have been an adjustment for some of us! That being said - your only task today is to make sure you have completed all the assignments in Module 1 including the post assessment.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a great day!

Late Work Policy

  • 3 day grace period after last day module is to be finished before 0s go in for missing work.
  • Work submitted during the 3 day grace period will be penalized. 20 points will be deducted for being late. The highest grade will be 80%.
  • No option for late work once 0s are in
Psychology Intro Animation

Great job Tyler, Alexis, Stephanie, Matthew, Bonnie, and Na'Staja for completing your Module 1 Test on Friday!

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