Should Schools Be Year-Round?

Year-Round Schools

Schools Should Be Year-Round!

There are a lot of reasons why we should have year round-school. One being that it will make the next generation be smarter because they did better in school. We will also have longer vacations during the year and we still have a summer break just not as long. This will eliminate the loss of education during the summer.

Whats The Point?

There are many positive things about year-round school that many people don't know about. Writers and researchers, Amy E. Bemis & Elisabeth A Palmer say "The results indicted that after one year of experiencing 60-15 calender, Students felt more positively toward year-round education" Usually students feel that year-round school is bad and will take away there summer break, but you still have about 2 months of summer break and each break during the year is about 2 weeks.

Why should you care?

If we go to year round-school, student will have better test scores and have a brighter future. In most year round schools, there is more activities as well. Students will have a more stimulated learning progress and will be able to remember the stuff they learn better.

Bad parts?

There are not many bad parts to a year-round school. Although it may cost a bit more then a regular school scedual but, why should that matter when it will help the future of our society? The cost is a little step back from a better school. Also it may be difficult to do any type of upgrades to the school that take more than 20 days.

BY: Tamerah Simon-Rogers