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Getting Ready for Remote Learning

We miss you, Lone Star Families! The teachers and I have been meeting & planning (virtually) to create plans for your children under the guidance of our District and in alignment with our curriculum. Parents, I know that you have questions about materials, timelines, and expectations. I would like to share these commitments:

  • Your child's teacher will be in touch with you by Wednesday. Please share individual concerns or needs, if warranted.
  • All online/remote instruction will begin on your teacher's website. Links may direct you to various sites, materials, programs, and expectations, but the starting point for all LSE teachers will be their websites.
  • If you wish to supplement the instructional materials provided, our scope and sequence (Montgomery Aligned Curriculum) is online here: MAC.
  • Teachers will have set times for feedback, conferencing, and questions. Your child's teacher will share those specific times and communication methods with you. Additionally, every grade level will have an instructional aide to assist as well.
  • Students with special services, accommodations, or enrichment will continue to receive these opportunities as able. Support teachers may be in touch with parents to follow up and be certain everyone's needs are being met.
  • An approximate timetable of weekly instruction to be completed at your family's convenience is: PK-1, 1 hour each science & social studies; 2 hours math; 3-4 hours ELA; 2nd-5th: 2 hours each of all 4 core subjects. We realize that all students cannot possibly be online at the exact same time. Parents, please allow your children to complete the activities as convenient.
  • Links for paper copies will be available on our campus and teacher websites if you would like to print these additional materials.
  • Mrs. Krug, our counselor, will communicate with families throughout the week, sharing resources and information. She will also have set times in case you or your child need further assistance. She will send you newsletters similar to this one.
  • If your child will be unable to access remote learning, please reach out to your child's teacher as soon as possible. If you have neighbors who may be in this position, please help by guiding them to contact the teacher.

Please continue to follow our school on Facebook to stay connected. We enjoy sharing fun activities and pictures through social media.

If your family has other needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We miss seeing their bright smiles! You may reach me on my cell phone at any time, even (especially!) if it's just a text with a picture of your sweet child. 281-543-5135

Thank you,

Catherine Bartlett


Counselor Corner

Mrs. Krug will be checking in with you soon via email to assess how your family is adjusting and with opportunities for counseling lessons.

Lone Star Elementary Library and Technology Resources Names and Passwords

Please email any questions to tracie.sample@misd.org

Office 365 - This allows students to access Microsoft accounts such Outlook Email, Word, PowerPoint, Sway, One Drive and other Microsoft 365 applications. This resource can be accessed on the MISD webpage under Student Resources or Click Here.

Username: slunch#@student.misd.org

Password: lunch#grade

Example for 3rd grade student with lunch number 123456 (this is also student ID number):

Username: s123456@student.misd.org

Password: 1234563

The following resources can be accessed through the Resource tab on Mrs. Sample’s Library Webpage or Click Here.

Ebsco eBooks -

Username: misdlibrary

Password: learn19!

TexQuest - This includes Britannica School, Kids Infobits, National Geographic Kids, ProQuest SIRS Discover, Britannica Fundamentals, and Learn 360.

Username: j170903

Password: learn

PebbleGo – Database that covers a variety of research topics for PreK – 3rd grades. The main topics are animals, science, biographies, social studies, and dinosaurs. Games, videos and activities are included along with a listen option.

Username: montgom

Password: read

Benchmark Universe - ELA Textbook K-5

Username: slunch#

Password: mymisd

Example for a student with lunch number 123456 (this is also student ID number):

Username: s123456

Password: mymisd

Nurse Notes

There are several things we can do to help keep ourselves and our families healthy and strong during this time.

The top of the list is eating as healthy as we can. We can choose and offer our kids fruit over packaged processed snacks . We can eat a rainbow of veggies instead of eating a rainbow of Skittles. Maybe a small handful taste of Skittles after a salad with some Ranch dressing and some colorful veggie strips would be okay. Eating healthy will give our bodies the best vitamins from nutrient dense foods. Extra Vitamin C is especially good to keep us healthy. Our antibodies and white blood cells will have what they need to fight off germ invaders.

We can be sure to get 60 minutes of family exercise daily playing outside in the backyard. Kids will love it when we play a grow ups vs kids or boys vs girls game of Badminton or Soccer or Ultimate Frisbee or some fun game that your family invents. This will get our heart pumping and give us a boost of endorphins. The 60 minutes does not all have to be together. It can be split up in 10 minutes at a time . Maybe each family member could get an equal portion of the 60 minute time and the whole family participate in each member's pick.

We can get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Adequate sleep refreshes and regenerates our cells in ways that science is just now beginning to understand.

Limiting screen time to less than 2 hours daily for children and especially 2 hours before bed will help all of us relax and unwind. There is data now suggesting that too much "blue light" from screens affects our brains in a negative way. We can get some great R.E.M. dreaming stage sleep and share with our family the funny silly dreams we had during the night at breakfast the next morning.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon and hearing about your families unique and interesting healthy activities!

I am available by email for any individual questions or concerns.

Monica Lemke, R.N.

LSE School Nurse


Habits at Home: Habit 6 - Synergize

What is Synergy?

Synergy is:

  • Celebrating differences

  • Working as a team

  • Being open-minded

  • Finding new and better ways

Synergy is not:

  • Tolerating differences

  • Working independently

  • Thinking you are always right

  • Compromising – 1 + 1 = 1 1/2

When you and your family creatively work together, that is called synergy.

7 Habits of Successful Families

PS - Ask your children about circles of control. They are familiar with focusing on what we can control and what we cannot. This picture is a great example for current concerns!