Taking moments for advantage can lead to down fall


Me and my aunt betty did everything together. We had a bond that will never be able to duplicate. So when she passed away without any clues onto how she was took a big piece of my heart with her. So I was left with a gap in my heart and a search for someone to blame. Some way to fix it.

"Then it hit me. I finally realized how to fix everything."

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As I cried feeling like my world was coming to a end. I felt like my world was over and I felt like there was no end. Then it hit me. I finally realized in the mix of everything. The pain, grieving and loss that this was God at work. I realized that as a Christian I had began to lose sight of everything. In a way I believe this was God's way of telling me that he was there for me. Because while I was crying, suffering, and hurting. I felt like I could go to no one. And he was that someone that I when to. Because no matter what he was there. He was listening.

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