All About Tornadoes

By Mubtasim and Gabrielle

Defining a tornado

A tornado is a rotating column of air extending between and in contact with a cloud and the surface of the earth. A tornado is caused when the ground is warm and the air is cold.

Negative effects tornadoes have on the natural enviorments and people

A tornado affects the enviorment by damaging buildings, trees, and even killing animals, which disrupts the food chain. It can also mess up water, plants, and cause fires. A tornado can affect people in a big way. It can kill people, which hurts the family emotionally. With the palnts destroyed their will not be oxygen for the people. Also, it affects homes, precious values, and personal belongings.

Texas Eco-Regions and Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition affected by Tornadoes

Their are many eco regions that are affected by tornadoes. Gulf Coast Prairie Marsh, Trans-Pecos, and High Rolling Plains are some of the eco regions that are affected. Tornadoes do cause weathering, erosion, deposition. Debris causes abrasion of structures when a tornado picks up items. Weathering of land features, erosion of soil, deposition of debris and soil.

Tornado event and Interesting Facts

In Joplin, Missouri their was a deadly tornado that struck the area. It happened in the afternoon of May 22, 2011. Their was a thunderstorm that moved in to the area and that is when the tornado started to form. It affected people and the environment in a big way. 158 people were killed and injured 1,150 others. Everything was destroyed including trees and animals. The whole damage cost about 2.8 billion. Some interesting facts about tornadoes are that a tornado can last for an hour and more. Texas has the most tornadoes because of tornado alley. Tornado alley is the area in the United States in which tornadoes are most frequent.