Getting Rosie

Jennifer Rodriguez

"Ring",the bell rang I jumped up and ran home. I was so excited I was getting my own dog! We have been waiting for my grandparents dog to have puppies and finally she had. After , we had decided on which on we headed off to Indiana to get her. We left early in

the morning it was going to be a long drive.

We had been driving for hours my brothers fight, my sister snoring, and my parents talking about directions while I was planning my whole life with my dog. Finally, we were there greeted with thousands of kisses I ran into the house to find her eating flower. I was so happy I had a dog we were inseparable. It was time to name her I had to pick a perfect name not some thing the other dogs would make fun of and then I remembered how we met she was eating roses so her name was going to be Rosie.

After a few days we left once we got home we set up her house and bed. I was going to get to train her and teach her everything. I couldn't believe I finally had my very own dog I had been dreaming of it forever and it happened. I learned to be responsible for something other than myself.I never thought some thing so small could mean so much.