Officer Buckle And Gloria

By: Lawrence Pantaleon


Officer Buckle and Gloria is about a police man and his dog named gloria. Officer buckle went to schools to give safety speeches then one day the police station bought a dog named Gloria. then one day when he went to a school called Napville Elementary school officer Buckle brought Gloria to school and gloria did amazing tricks like backflips and handstands. then they got so popular he went to 313 schools. officer buckle noticed that the kids were not looking at him then he sent the dog and he fell asleep and the kids did too. Then they had a huge accident and officer buckle came after that and gave them a very special safety tip " Always stick with a buddy!"

information about the book

Officer Buckle and Gloria is by Peggy Rathmann. Officer buckle and Gloria won the Caldecott in 1996. peggy Rathmann wrote her book because she wanted to teach a good lesson. Peggy Rathmann was born on March 4th 1953 and she is 60 years old. she was also born in St.Paul, Minnesota. She went to Mounds view high school and graduated University of Minnesota. Her best books are Officer Buckle And Gloria, The Copy Cat, and How many Lambies on Grammy's Jammies. She won the Caldecott because her book was creative and specific.

Officer Buckle and Gloria vs. So You want to be President ?

I loved both of these books because they were both funny and very specific. If I had to pick one i would probably pick So You Want To Be President because it shows all the presidents and tells you all the good and bad things about being president. they are both incredible books and I am glad that they both one the Caldecott.

Officer Buckle
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