New and Improved Nuclear

It's Fusion time by: Professor Man and Dr.Bottom

A Stunning Discovery

My partner and I have discovered a way to produce energy effectively through nuclear fusion effectively. On May the 4th, we needed to over come the difficulties of making nuclear fusion work which is getting enough energy into hydrogen atoms so that they would fuse into each other. The problem was that the atoms naturally deflect each other by there similar electromagnetic fields. What we did though is we used the a machine that spins really fast, the ones that test how many G's of force an astronaut can withstand, and we spun it so fast that we got the atoms to fuse together.

With the help of NASA in Florida we are using this ground breaking discovery to introduce another energy source for commercial use. The reactor is still in testing but the hop is that is we get it started the reactor will start to power it'self and make enough extra energy to be used by the public.

Now you may think that we would just produce more nuclear waste. What really happens is that the machine will become radioactive and would have to be properly stored when decommissioned. After about 150 years the radioactivity would die down enough were it can be used again if needed.