Ventana Vista Elementary

Parking Lot

n the new year, we will be making a small change to the pick up procedures at the end of the school day in the Parent Pick Up lot. On January 9, each family will be receiving a card with the child's last name on it to put on the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle. This will help us locate the child who belongs in each car more quickly. Once your child/ren is in the vehicle, you will turn the name card over so that we know you are no longer needing us to locate a child. All grade level cards will be color coded. The card you receive will be color coded to the youngest child's grade. Families with several children will locate their oldest child with the youngest child's grade.We believe these small change will help speed up the process of pick up at the end of the day. Be looking for a short in next week's newsletter that will show the new process.

Student Council Community Service Project

Thanks to all who contributed to our Student Council Service Project. They collected a record number of rolls of toilet paper and more toothpaste and toothbrushes than ever before! Wow!
VVES Science Fair 2016 17