Swift Fox

The Swift Fox is one of the endangered animal of Alberta

What's happening?

Swift Fox

The Swift Fox (Vuples velox ) is a small orange tan fox that's about the size of a domestic cat and it lives in the Western Grasslands of North America : Saskatchewan ,Manitoba, Alberta. In the US this animal is found in Montana,Colorado, New Mexico ,and Texas. This creature was nearly extinct in the 1930's ,because of predator control programs , but thankfully reintroduced later.


Small population of 150-200 throughout Canada.

Estimation in Alberta is 96 swift foxes.

What can you, a normal person, do?


The first thing we as people can do is be aware that animals such as the Swift Fox are in need of help, and its up to us to bring that awareness into the spotlight and let people know what's happening Second thing to do is support organizations that have the same goal as you, saving the swift foxes.

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