The Life of Andrew Jackson

By Marisa Medina

Killing of the National Bank

The national bank was a way to help the U.S government but not everyone saw it that way.Andrew Jackson always disliked the national bank he saw it unconstitutional and that it favored the wealthy. So when they tried to open anthor he stopped them by vetoing the bill.Andrew Jackson was elected for his second term because he veto the bill to open the second national bank

Indian Removal Act

The Cherokee Indians lived in peaces with the american for many years until the Americans became greedy.The people of the south wanted their land to grow cotton and dig for gold. Andrew Jackson sign the Indian removal act in to law,the act allowed the U.S. government to exchange their land with less desirable land west of the Mississippi.The Indians tried to stop the U.S. government from kicking them out of their land with the supreme court but not even the supreme court could stop Andrew Jackson
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The picture show Andrew Jackson getting the bank to close and the works the you see as the deveil and people fall into a hole that takes the down under. The people were happy about the bank closing,and so the painter mad Andrew Jackson look powerful

Tariff of 1828 and 1832

In Jackson term two tariff were passed,the north was happy about the tariff but the south was upset because they lived on imported goods. The south states had the idea to nullify the tariffs because they thought they had the power too.The force bill was pass, the bill awarded Andrew Jackson the power to force the states to pay their taxes.South Carolina made the diction to secede.To stop them from seceding the nullification crisis was resolved with the compromise of the tariffs.


Andrew Jackson is a monster he force us off are land the supreme court said we were are own country.The supreme court is something that stop the states from doing something they can't do.Andrew Jackson is only out for reven he will do what ever he wants when you digreay with him he will kick you out of you land. Commen man more like only man


Andrew Jackson is a hero,he is kicking out the people that are wealthy and making everyone part of government.the lowered the tariff and kick out the Indians so we could plant cotton seeds and dig for gold