"All About Me" Project

Students will use Pixlr Editor to create a graphic collage.

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to create graphic collage containing the following things:

Watch the video below to learn how to create your collage.

Pixlr Collage Tutorial

Follow The Steps Below To Create Your Collage:

Step 1: Gather Images

You should gather at least 20 images. Here are a few examples of images you may want to add:

  • A photo of you
  • Your favorite things: Cars, Games, People, Food, Sports, Clothing, Family Members
  • Artwork you like

Step 2: Create the Collage

Using Pixlr Editor, create a new canvas by clicking:

  • File > New Image
  • Under “Presets” click 1024 X 768 (This will give a picture that is large enough to print nicely.)

Open your saved pictures by clicking:

  • File > Open Image
  • Use the “Lasso” tool to select your favorite part of the picture you saved.

Once it is highlighted click:

  • Edit > Copy

Go to your blank canvas and click:

  • Edit > Paste (Once you do this you should notice your selected image on the canvas)


  • File > Save
  • Under “Format” select .PXD (This will allow you to save all of the layers you pasted in)

Step 3: Export Your Image

If you need to work on your collage a later save the following way:

  • File > Save > Save as .pxd format
  • Save the file to your desktop
  • Drag the file into Google Drive to back it up.

Once you are completed with your collage, you will save the file as a .jpg image.

  • File > Save > Save as .png format
  • Save the file to your desktop
  • Drag the file into Google Drive to back it up.

Use Pixlr Express to add Effects to your Collage.

After you have created your collage you should use Pixlr Express to add photo effects.

  • Go to: https://pixlr.com/express/
  • Click "Browse"
  • Locate your collage on your computer
  • Use the tools in Pixlr Express to give your collage a professional look.


Find an Inspirational Quote.

Using Google or your favorite search engine, locate an inspirational quote that represents who you are. If you feel like you rather write your own, you may do so.

If your quote is not your own, make sure you write the name of the person after the quote. Here is an example:

"A student without pen/paper, is unprepared for CLASS. A student without technology, is unprepared for LIFE." - Aaron Duff, M.Ed.

Use the following links to find quotes:

Add Your Quote to Your Collage Using Pixlr Express

Once you have found a quote, add it to your collage using Pixlr Express.

In Pixlr Express use "Type" to add the text. When you are adding the quote, make sure your text is easy to read.

After you have completed adding the quote, save your work and submit the file in Edmodo.