In 2012 the population was 1.351 billion people

The bomb

Two official announcements has been made in the last month shows that the progress has came with a massive large price.


In china the religions are Daosim and buddhism they were very confusing.They have to practice how to say Daoism and buddhism language to understand what they are saying.


China has the most education in the world. There is 9.12 million students in China.There is now a total of 4% of GDP.

Water Resources

China is affected by the water because of the population


The pollution is the aspect of the various forms which has increased and have inhustrialized which causes health problems

Natural resources

China has the richest land resources. There farm land is about 122,400sq km and that is about 10% of there area disturbed.

living conditions

Since 1948 Chinese economy was already wide spread and extreme inequalities.

In 1987 the living of the standard in China was much lower than the countries, but Chinese people had food that was adequate


China is undertaking its health care. The medical care system is initiave to overhaul the health care. The annual cost of medication is u $7.00per person


China streaches over 5,026 kilometres of land. China is boarded by seas which are East China sea,Korea Bay,yellow sea,Taiwan strait and South China sea.

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