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News from Mrs. Jordan's Classroom 10/3/16

Notes From the Teacher

This week, I sent home permission slips for our bi-annual trip to the Art Institute in Chicago. Please fill out the permission slip as soon as possible and return it with your child. We can take as many chaperones as we want so if you want to take a ride into the city on the South Shore Train and the Mag Mile-please join us! :) Please send in CASH for this trip. Thank you!

The PTA read-a-thon ends this Wednesday, so keep reading!!

A big thank you to Mrs. King, Mrs. Noonan, and Mrs. Venit for volunteering to be our Taltree chaperones.

Student Spotlight

Each week our classroom news reporters, Kady and Sophia, will interview one student from the class. This week they choose Olivia Slagle.

News Report Questions

#1: What is your favorite subject in school

It is science because I love doing science stuff.

#2: What do you want to be when you grow up? What made you decide this?

A doctor because I would like to help people.

#3: If you could change anything in this school, what would you change?

I would change the playground. It would be great to have an area for gymnastics.

#4: If you were the teacher for one week, what would you teach us?

I would teach us about reading!

#5: What is your perfect school lunch?

A perfect school lunch would be my favorite restaurant, BK Osaka.

#6: What are your life goals?

My life goals are to become a doctor or gymnast

#7: If you could be any food, what would it be? Please tell me why you would be this.

I would be spaghetti because I would be wavy!

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Reading & Writing

In writing, we will finish Unit 1-by typing up our Memoirs in our Google Drive. We will then begin our next unit Information Reports. We will examine a few examples in class and analyze features as a class.

In language, we will begin Unit 2- Nouns

In Reading, we will continue reading rotations, summarizing, and focus on the genre of Science Fiction.


If your child receives a 100% score, he/she will not have to complete the spelling contract or take the test on Friday. Your child will receive a spelling contract with activities to complete during the week. If they don't finish it in class, it will be homework. Contracts are due by Friday.
















Appalachian Mountains

Rocky Mountains

Mississippi River

Ohio River

Great Basin

Social Studies

We will continue Unit 1 Geography. Students will have homework at night reading a lesson or part of a lesson and answering the questions in the text. Students will also study for a geography quiz on mountain ranges and rivers. This quiz will be Friday.


This week we will explore division. We will practice using the array model, division with remainders, and division story problems.

How well does your child know his or her multiplication facts 0-12? Please let me know if you need a set of flashcards to use at home.

October Birthdays

Madelyn Norman 23rd

Chase Tylisz 28th

Scholastic Orders

To place orders for Scholastic books, please visit the following website:

If you would like to send in a check you can also do that. Just be sure to make the check out to me, Jody Jordan, because I pay with my personal credit card.


Important Dates

October 14-Taltree Field Trip morning

October 20-School Pictures

October 21-No School

November 8-No School

October 27-Art Institute of Chicago

May 10th and 11th-Camp T.

Contact Information

Office Hours:

Tuesday: 3:20-3:50

Thursday: 8:00-8:30