BBI Parent Newsletter

May 12, 2023

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Congratulations to our MEF Star Educators!

Morning Car Rider

Do NOT drop your children off in the parking lot to cross to the sidewalk. There is a lot of traffic in the morning through the parking lots and your child's safety is number one!

Use the second driveway to enter the car rider line in the morning and form 2 lines. The lines will merge (like a zipper) at the front of the building. If your car is along the sidewalk, have your child exit the vehicle.

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BEAR BASH Volunteers needed!

Click Here to volunteer for Bear Bash! We need all the help we can get! Be sure to sign up at as an approved volunteer.

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Click Here: Donate Little Debbie Snacks for BEAR BASH!

Students will have the chance to participate in a "cake walk" at Bear Bash! Donate 2 boxes of Little Debbie Snacks now through May 19!

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Click Here to View News from our Counselors!

Contains important parent resources and information!

Upcoming Assessments & FLEX days at BBI

FLEX days will occur prior to assessments in order to address specific needs related to essential standards. Talking with your child about the FLEX day can help in preparing them for the upcoming assessment.


Tuesday: 5th gr. Sci-Tech DCA, 6th gr. SS Test




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Does your child ride the bus?

Transportation will not permit students to ride home on a bus with another student. Even if a parent note is received, the request will be denied. Your child will be told call you to make other arrangements for dismissal.
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