Ms. Ingle's Messages

Week of April 27


Claxton's spring production of Romeo and Harriet was a HUGE success! Thanks so much to all the fabulous volunteers and actors. You all were AMAZING! If you missed the show, be sure to see it on DVD...stay tuned for more details.

Our final day with Joe:

Mr. Joe Dinwiddie came for his final visit with us this past Friday. He worked through an injury to help students deepen their earlier carving work on our art garden boulder. While in the garden, students found evidence of the three main types of biotic (living or once living) organisms we have been studying this week. They found producers, consumers and decomposers. Students also reminded Joe that the boulder itself is an 'abiotic', (non-living) organism. It has never been alive, but it is an essential part of our garden ecosystem.

More info on our biome projects:

I am so excited to hear what students are saying about their projects! I can't wait to see them next Friday, May 8th. Students have been instructed to represent answers to the following questions somewhere in their project:

-Where, on Earth, is your biome located?

-What is the climate like?

-Are there any environmental threats?

-Are there any plant or animal adaptations?

*Students should also include representations of any plants or animals that are specific to their biome as well as a general description of the terrain.

Field day is coming!!

We are scheduled for field day on Monday, May 11th. As many of you may know, we must travel to an offsite location for our field day. We use Memorial Stadium--a turf football stadium behind McCormick Field, (where the Asheville Tourists play). Because of this offsite location, students must have signed and completed permission slips in order to participate in this fantastic event. Please return permission slips asap and look for more info about this event in next week's newsletter.

Please feel free to contact me any time...

We are approaching a very busy time of year and some huge transitions for students. Please know that I am available should you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact me at the email listed below or call me at school.