Want to win Host Rewards?

Here is how!

* Earn 1 point for every comment/question you post during the party
*Earn 5 points for being a fan or my FB page (comment below when you are a fan)
*Earn 5 points for each person you invite that RSVP's with a Yes or Maybe
*Earn 5 points for posting a picture of you using your favorite Pampered Chef product.
*Earn 10 points when RSVP'ing Yes or Maybe
*Earn 20 points for placing your order before Feb. 22. (30 points if you order before Feb. 15)
*Earn 50 points when you book a party
*Earn 100 points when you join my team

Mystery hosts will be the top point earners who place an order.
Lisa Roberts
Independent Pampered Chef Team Leader