The Lovely Planet!!!

Laos,a long forgotten backwater, combines some of the best elements of Southeast Asia in one bite-sized destination.

Something for Everyone!!!

Laos deserves all the accolades it receives. Adrenaline junkies can lose themselves in underground river caves, white-water rapids or jungle ziplines. Wildlife nuts can trek through some of Southeast Asia's most pristine forests, still home to rare creatures. Foodies can experiment with the kaleidoscope of flavours that is Lao cuisine. From thrillseeker to gourmand, every type of traveller finds what they're looking for in Laos, one of the most authentic destinations in Asia.

  • Capital :Vientiane
  • President :Choummaly Sayasone
  • Offficial Languag: :Lao
  • Currency :Kip(LAK)
  • Conversion Rate :1kip=0.0081INR

Laos Must-See Attractions

A country is known by its people!!!

Some interesting facts

  • Since December 1975, the official name of Laos has actually been “Lao People’s Democratic Republic” – but to this day, everyone still calls it Laos.
  • The Khone Papeng, which is found in Laos, is the largest waterfall in the whole of Southeast Asia.
  • Laos has been tagged as the “World’s Most Bombed Country.” Over two billion tons of bombs were dropped in Laos during the Vietnam War.
  • The jars in the Plain of Jars are each big enough to hold a person. The largest of these jars weighs more than six tons!
  • The highest point in Laos, the Phou Bia, is unfortunately not open to tourists because it is filled with unexploded ammunition.
  • A full 80% of all Laotian work is in agriculture.