Fossil Fuels-No

by : Jake DeTomaso, Maddi Palmborg, Logan Rumpca


Pollution from the production of fossil fuels creates smog, a thick type of fog made worse by chemical fumes and smoke. Pollution also lets off carbon, which traps in the sun rays in our atmosphere, with a result of global warming. Pollution causes deforestation which abandons and kills habitats and animals. Fossil fuels are not something we want around our environment!
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Replace it!

We know we can't just get rid of fossil fuels because they really do help us with our everyday life. Biofuels are a safe replacement for fossil fuels. Biofuels are an energy source made from organic materials that we grow ourselves and sometimes organic waste. For example, corn is a very popular biofuel energy source. We grow it on our farms, which is safe for the environment and simply use it to power our machines instead of gasoline.
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What do we do?

In conclusion we need to stop using fossil fuels. They are terrible for our environment and can easily be replaced if we just stick to it and commit to our decision. They are a nonrenewable resource that we are eventually going to run out of and we need to be prepared for when that time comes, because it could be soon. We need to consider the possible outcomes of the future and start making some serious changes, starting with the end of the use of fossil fuels!