Oil Spill Project

Ian And Kali: Oil Spill B

How we Approached the Problem

The way we decided to approach the problem was to divide the hole oil spill into large area of mostly triangles and parallelograms. After we broke most of the spill up we found the area of all the shapes and then added them all up. The total area we gathered was 308.4 mi. squared.

Pics of Our Oil Spill and Work

How we set the map up.

The way we set up our map is use a total of 15 regions in the shape of triangles,Parallelograms and a trapezoid.

Should you be scared?

No, it's not necessary to be scared of any thing. So don't worry, it will be cleaned completely.

Did we think we were exact with our estimate?

We didn't think we were going to be exact but we knew we were rely close.

We're Done!

Almost all the oil is now gone! So don't worry about those little animals, because they're all getting help and most of them are back to complete health.
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