Computer Information

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Whats the Article about?

The Article is to help people understand about computers and let people evolve their knownledge about computers, so keep on reading.

Output Devices

'Output Devices' is a machine repesenting the information from the computer such as printers, monitor ETC.

Input Device

The 'input device' is a machine that feeds in data to the computer. A keyboard device is an input device however the computer is an output device. A keyboard is not only an Input Device there are also altnative input devices such as a keyboard, light pens ETC.

Hard Drives (HDD/SDD)

'Hard Drives' is a type of a storage software. It reads a disk that read hard disks but it can store and retrieve data from the database.

Optical Drive

The 'optical drive' is also a storage software. It makes the disk spin around while the laser scans the disk. Did you know that the laser has millions of atoms in it and them atoms make electric waves.


The 'monitor' is a output device. It shows you what proggrammes you're using. It is very good to watch stuff on because the graphic cables are right behind the screen. 

Touch Screen

The 'touch screen' is an output device. It lets you interact with the screen, you don't need to use a mouse and a keyboard, you just have to point your finger directly to the screen.


Touch Screen

This is a 'touch screen'