Bring on the Fall!

Keep up the good work

Fun stuff to look forward to!

Now that the fall is coming, don't get too comfortable in those cosy blankets in your apartments! There are still plenty of fun things going on on campus!

Events to keep in mind:

  • Midterms are coming up! Embrace all the stress relief opportunities you can get, and stay on top of your work
  • Fall Break is getting closer, and who doesn't need a break? Enjoy October 7-11, and don't forget to fill out the form on Orgsync if you are planning on staying on campus over the break!

Upcoming Programs!

October 23, we will be hosting a pumpkin painting event in the South Village quad! Come out, paint a pumpkin to decorate your apartment with, and enjoy some free snacks!

Be Aware...

Attention! South Village is our home. We are around 400 people living in this area, and we all should want our homes to look (and smell) pleasant, but it does not. If you, or your Saturday night's guests, are responsible for the destruction of the quad, clean it up! The same goes for trash bags; they are NOT ALLOWED to be sitting outside your doors, or on the floors, ever! THROW THEM AWAY. Let's make this place an enjoyable, nice home for all of us!

WiFi: if you have a printer in your room, make sure you connect it to your laptop with a cable, not through WiFi, or you will block the WiFi connection for everyone!

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Happy Fall Everyone!